Eddy and Jenny Kim

Our family lives in a new construction home that Point B properties built, and we’ve lived there for the past 3 years. We love our home and the modern design. A lot of homes that have a modern aesthetic, upon closer look, are poorly crafted and built with cheap finishes. Point B, however, doesn’t sacrifice quality for good looks and many of our friends have commented on the quality of their build. You’d be hard pressed to find a builder that gives you more value for the quality of their construction. With so many new construction cookie cutter homes being built, Point B Properties stands out because they create spaces that are unique and modern, yet warm and personal. From the hard wood floors, and marble finishes, to the energy efficiency of our home, there isn’t really anything more we could ask for. Rob has always been super responsive with any of our questions, and he has gone above and beyond to make sure that we’ve been happy with our home. We’ve loved working with Rob so much that whenever I hear of friends or family looking for a new home, I tell them they should look up Point B properties to see if they have any available listings.

Jack Berdan
I have worked with Point B Properties on two projects. I am a broker in the city of Chicago and have helped 2 groups of friends purchase New Construction homes that Point B developed. I can’t speak higher of the workmanship, quality, and overall attention to detail in both homes. So many developers operate by minimizing cost/quality to maximize profits. Point B puts quality first in each of their developments and it shows. Additionally, they go to great lengths to ensure the unseen elements of the home (mechanical systems, insulation, waterproofing, etc) are built/installed with the same standard of excellence. I have yet to see a better new construction product on the market in Chicago and would gladly work with Point B on another project.
Jared Maudlin

I have invested in several projects with Point B Properties and have been been impressed with their candor, integrity, and long-term view. Rob truly practices what he preaches and prioritizes delivering a quality product over any short-term concerns like his personal bottom line. I welcome the opportunity to work with Rob and his team again the future.