Our Mission

Better lives through better spaces

Quality Construction

After a home is built, even the best inspector can only access around 25% of the space. To demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to quality we have each new custom build tested by a professional third-party consultant and given a HERS rating, which is analogous to the Miles Per Gallon information provided with a new car purchase (be sure to ask your Chicago green home builder which third-party inspections were performed during construction).

Call or e-mail for more specifics or technical information, or check out one of our videos e.g. 3 Dangers of Typical Masonry Framing or The War on Water.

Health Benefits

One of the primary benefits of our HealthSmart homes is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Just one cubic foot of indoor air can have more than 30 million pollutants – that’s 100 times more than the air outside. Indoor Air Quality is crucial for good health, as leading Chicago builders, we use innovative technology like a thermostat that monitors air quality and activates our fresh-air ventilation system if air quality drops below ideal levels. By optimizing indoor air quality we enable significant improvements in general health, cognition, sleep quality, and productivity. Check out our HealthSmart homes presentation for more information.

Smart Design

We strive to marry the trendy with the timeless to create a clean, classic feel that you will appreciate for years to come. Additionally, in our custom home builds in Chicago we implement practical features like kitchen desks and pantries, as well as innovations like flex rooms that let you change your space to suit your needs. Because they often have separate entrances and en suite baths, flex rooms could even be rented out for extra income. Other uses include a den, in-law unit, live-in nanny, or home office. The result is a an environment that will improve your quality of life.

Long-term utility cost savings

We were one of the first Chicago home builders to focus on energy efficiency. On average our custom homes and new green builds are more than twice as energy efficient as a comparable new property. The result is significant utility cost savings. We’ve had multiple Chicago custom home buyers tell us the utilities in their new home are lower than the condos they moved from.